The Bradshaw Wedding

September 10, 2011


Caitlin helped us plan the perfect backyard wedding! While there were fantastic things about planning a wedding with a completely blank canvas, when I decided to have a wedding at my parents’ home, it never occurred to me that we would have to do everything! I’m definitely not into little details, and so many of those things would have escaped my
notice without Caitlin.  She didn’t pressure me to be involved in decisions that I had no interest in – she took care of everything to ensure that my vision was accomplished without weighing me down with details. One day I casually mentioned that I liked the heavy hors
d’oeuvres served at a charity function I had attended to her on the phone.  She called me back a few hours later with the name of the caterer, their cost ranges, services that were included in their service and vendors recommended for other services I might need. I was
blown away by her dedication and ability to walk me through decisions without being pushy. Many of our guests commented it was the best wedding they had ever attended – I know that Caitlin was the reason our wedding day was perfectly executed! I was able to enjoy the day  and didn’t have to think about a thing!

Megan & Aaron

February 9, 2013

We searched all over Maryland trying to find a venue for our winter wedding. There were a couple things that really made this venue perfect for us. First, it was the staff, particularly Caitlin McGrew our coordinator.  From her first email response, we knew that Antrim was the place to have our wedding. Caitlin made us feel comfortable and relaxed during every part of the planning process. She went out of the way to help us find what we need. For example, we were trying to find an appropriate room for my 90 year old grandmother to stay in. She took us through all the available rooms until we found one that my grandmother would feel comfortable in.  From our very first visit there, you could tell this was a friendly place. 



From the Mother of the Bride

Hi Caitlin...My Facebook status of the day is "wishing it was today a week ago...Quick weddings are just too much fun!" I have relived Megan and Aaron's wedding over and was just perfect! So many friends and family texted me on Monday saying what a great time they had...a beautiful day, a beautiful bride, at a beautiful place. (They did all behave I hope!). And you played such a huge vital role! I remember when Megan first started looking atvenues. I was pressing for the beach club as it had the ocean. I remember her saying....'but Antrim has Caitlin!' And from the moment we met I was sold. You are the perfect wedding coordinator! The fact that you even had perfectionist me calm and cool all during plans and especially days before was priceless. I got to savor every precious moment of my only daughter's wedding without fears, tears, stress or sleepless nights! I will treasure the memories..and you always! Please feel free to forward this to owners....because i'm telling everyone I know! We will be coming to Antrim again for sure. Hope to catch you for a hug! 


Forever very grateful MOB. 

Adams-Ols Wedding
November 18, 2012

Our November wedding at the Antrim 1844 was perfect beyond any words can describe. They exceeded all of our expectations. Our coordinator Caitlin was amazing. She did not let any details go untouched. She took so much time and made sure everything was perfect. We will hold these incredible memories for the rest of our lives.  

Kate & Gareth
September 15, 2012


Our 9/15/2012 wedding at Antrim turned out to be absolutely beautiful, thank you to Antrim, our wedding coordinator Caitlin, Chef, and the rest of the Antrim staff. We had both our ceremony and reception on-site, which allowed for us to enjoy the beautiful grounds during our ceremony and cocktail hour before going inside to enjoy a wonderful meal and celebration. The grounds were so beautiful, and made for such a perfect backdrop for our photography. We needed few decorations to make the ceremony site complete. After our ceremony, we easily transitioned into cocktail hour, where we were met with champagne and the opportunity to visit with our guests prior to being taken away for a few additional pictures. I was worried about this transition, but Caitlin managed each and every one of our rowdy guests with ease. We then entered into our reception site, which was set up just as we had envisioned. Our guests raved and ranted about the service and the food, which is a main reason that we chose Antrim. Caitlin was always a few steps away, and ensured that our wedding was organized and staying on our proposed schedule. This was much appreciated for a type A bride! Caitlin truly has an art, for although she had a huge job of ensuring that us, our guests, and our vendors were organized and enjoying themselves, she carried herself confidently and relaxed. Again, thank you Antrim, Caitlin, and everyone else who made our wedding day such a success!



Carolyn & Louis

June 23, 2012


We had our ceremony and reception at Antrim 1844 in June 2012, and it was a fantastic day. We loved the setting and our guests raved about the food. And the mansion and grounds offer so many photo ops. We wouldn't have had our wedding anywhere else. Originally, we had one wedding coordinator through Antrim that we loved. But she ended up moving to another company during our planning process, so we got switched to Daniel. I was assured that Daniel did a good job, but he did not click with us personality wise, and he was not detail oriented enough for me. So then we got switched again to Caitlin. SHE WAS FABULOUS. She answered all of our questions and was so enthusiastic about our big day. Every email and visit interaction with her was a pleasure and she went above and beyond on our wedding day.

Lauren & Dan

October 18, 2014

I knew after speaking to Caitlin for five minutes that I wanted to hire her. She not only executed our day of but also checked in with us about a month before the wedding to make sure we were okay and managed all of our vendors about a week out. By the day before our wedding, I realized that I had a lot more tasks onsite for Caitlin than I had realized, and with little direction except my vision, she executed all of our decor details inside our venue (an old historic home) wonderfully including setting up an entire room with cookies and strings of photos. Not only did Caitlin help execute our wedding day beautifully, she allowed us to really enjoy our wedding day and not stress out about anything happening onsite. Caitlin is a pro and I wholeheartedly recommend her services! My husband and I still talk about how she was one of the best decisions we made in the wedding planning process and it was by far the easiest.




Caity & Jake

June 13, 2015

I absolutely cannot say enough about Caitlin and her services. I contacted her a few months prior to our wedding for tips and suggestions on caterers and a week later, she had contracts from five different caterers that delivered exactly what we were looking for at half the price they were quoting us. As the wedding grew closer, we found ourselves contacting her more frequently, as she was so responsive and helpful with virtually anything wedding-related.


Caitlin was incredibly accommodating and arranged to meet with our venue owner, our caterer, and us a month prior to our big day to solidify details. She coordinated our timeline, communicated with all of our vendors, and ran our rehearsal dinner run-through. By the time we showed up to our venue for our wedding, everything was literally handled already by Caitlin. Coming from a high-stress, type-A bride, Caitlin offered one thing that you cannot put a price on: a piece of mind that your day will run smoothly and stress-free. I have never been more relaxed than on my wedding day, as Caitlin took care of everything, even down to the last minute of the reception when she sent us off with a bucket of chilled wine to cap off the night.


The only regret that my husband and I have is not hiring her to plan 100% of the day. Our friends, family, and vendors all shared how professional, sweet, and well-organized she was. My caterer and venue owner both shared that she was the best planner they had ever worked with. She is simply amazing and we honestly could not have done it without her!


Alisha & Tom

August 8, 2015

My husband and I hired Caitlin to coordinate our wedding and she did an amazing job! She was very professional throughout the entire process, always responded/got back to us in a timely manner, and made sure everything went just the way we wanted it on our big day. Leading up to the wedding she was extremely helpful and it put my mind at ease knowing she was taking care of the schedule and set-up. On the wedding day, she was attentive (but not in the way), and kept everything on schedule. I even needed to switch some events around during the reception and she made it all happen smoothly without my husband or I having to do a single thing. On top of all that, her services were very reasonably priced, which was great for us, as we were on a tight budget.

I cannot recommend her more highly! Just wonderful!




Molly & Ryan

August 22, 2015

I used Caitlin for full service planning and she was wonderful to work with. She had a lot of good ideas for how to put a personal touch on the wedding. She knew the right questions to ask vendors, how to negotiate prices, kept the wedding planning on track and helped us to stay within the budget. She was always professional, prompt, organized, and patient when I changed my mind. Most importantly, she really made a hectic time a lot less stressful. She handled all of the vendor research, vendor scheduling and fielded their questions. On the actual wedding day, she was right there when I needed her to be. She made sure the groom and I always had something to drink, kept track of our personal items, made sure things, like the flowers, cake cutters, and photographs were in the right places. She was also a great resource for how to do things like get a marriage license or change your name. Hiring Caitlin was one of the best decisions I made in the whole wedding planning process and truly could not have done it without her.


Gretchen & Sean

January 23, 2016

Caitlin was a complete and total Godsend during my wedding. We got married on January 23, 2016 -- right smack-dab in the middle of Winter Storm Jonas, which dumped 2 - 3 feet across the greater DC area just as I was getting ready to tie the knot. Caitlin and her assistant not only mad
e arrangements to camp out at a nearby hotel with the wedding party so they would definitely be present during the event, but handled all of the added stress of coordinating with the other vendors, prepped the site early, and set up all of my reception decor without batting an eye! Her cheerful disposition and professionalism went MILES in helping me keep my cool, even with a historic blizzard descending upon us. If there was ever an issue that came up with the other vendors, I never even knew.


Even before the threat of imminent snowy wedding destruction, Caitlin was an excellent resource in helping to keep me organized and on track prior to the wedding. Even though her services stated  "day-of coordination", she was more like a month-of (and life-of!) coordinator for me. She had great ideas, was willing to take on the execution and placement of all my crazy DIY projects, and my interactions with her always left me less stressed and more excited about my big day than ever.


Hire her. My crazy blizzard wedding would simply not have happened the way it did without Caitlin, and I will be forever grateful to her for making my dreams come true!

Kathleen & George

May 13, 2017

We hired Caitlin as our planner for our wedding on 5/13/17. Our venue required a planner and I'm so glad they did! Caitlin was so helpful throughout the whole process. We originally just hired Caitlin for day of services, but wound up hiring her full time. She is responsive, had great ideas, and is so sweet! We felt so relaxed on our wedding day knowing that things were taken care of and if anything came up, Caitlin could handle it. We would 100% recommend hiring her!

Rebecca & Diego

November 6, 2016

HIRE CAITLIN IMMEDIATELY! This is the one thing you need to do to have a great wedding. We hired Caitlin after hearing how she was key to pulling off my friend's wedding during the massive blizzard last year. While nothing that crazy happened at my wedding, without her, it would have been extremely stressful and would not have gone that smoothly. She did a great job coordinating with the vendors and making sure everything arrived when it was supposed to. We had some issues with the event staff at our venue and she was instrumental to keeping the continuity of our plans through a lot of turnover and creating the day's schedule. She also saved the day with my dress, because on the day of the wedding, one of the ribbons in my dress bustle tore off and she was able to sew it back on. Caitlin has an amazing friendly attitude and a very calming presence. I am very type A and with her around I was able to relax and know that if I wanted something done, it would get done right the first time. Just having that reassurance was a wonderful feeling. As an example of a few of the thing she took care of: She made sure all of our "props" were set up, like ceremonial items, signs and photo booth stuff, ensured all of our family members were in the right place at the right time, and moved our suitcases and gifts when needed. Caitlin was very affordable for the DC area and gave massive value for her service, which included an assistant for the day. I cannot recommend her highly enough. You need someone like Caitlin in your corner at your wedding.

Heather & Phil

August 5, 2017

If there is one thing you can do to save your sanity on your wedding day, it would be to hire Caitlin! I had a 2 year engagement and at the beginning I didn't even think I would need a day of coordinator. Thankfully I came to my senses and a year out from the wedding I contacted Caitlin about helping me the day of. She set up a time for us to meet in person so she could ask me about my plans, vision and anything I was having trouble with. I knew right away she would be great, and she was! She also came with me to the walk-through at the venue and the rehearsal so she is way more than just day of - she is there every step of the way if you need her. Over the next year of our engagement she checked in on me to make sure everything was going ok, kept me on track for things I needed to do, was an advice giver, vendor recommender, schedule maker, do-everything to make sure the day of went perfectly. And she does it all with a huge smile that just makes you feel like everything is going to be ok. No matter what kind of crazy stuff I asked her she smiled and said "no problem, I'll take care of it" and she did! When I realized at the rehearsal I forgot to make reserved signs for the first 2 rows, she went home that night and made them for me! The day of the wedding not a single thing went wrong - or if it did she took care of it and I never even knew. She is organized, has great connections, creative, efficient, friendly, thoughtful, if I didn't have her at my wedding as the coordinator, I would have wanted her there as a friend she is just such a wonderful person. Thank you Caitlin for making my wedding day absolutely perfect! Hiring you was one of the best wedding decisions I made.

Sarah & Andrew

August 12, 2017

If you want to have the best wedding ever, then hire Caitlin ASAP. She came recommended from a family friend and we could not be any happier with her insights, assistance, and just general existence. Caitlin helped us with every step of the wedding planning process and has the most calming and welcoming presence. She handled all of our vendors along with some unexpected hiccups with such ease. Our day was everything we dreamed of and wanted and Caitlin made it all a reality!

Kailee & Kevin

October 14, 2017

Hiring Caitlin as our Wedding Planner was one of the best decisions we made for our Wedding!! Let me start with the year in advanced for planning our wedding! She was always an email or phone call away answering my hundreds of questions by directing me back to what I wanted but helping me feel confident in my decision with her expertise! She truly helped calm so many nerves with the whole planning process! Then to be able to hand off all of my decorations (and the worries and stress that those things carry lol) days before my wedding and not need to worry about a single thing the day of was beyond amazing! The day of the wedding she surpassed every expectation that I had for how great a wedding planner could be! She set up and coordinated everything for the day of so myself nor any family or friends had to do a single thing. And then the cherry on top was how she made every small detail flow with such ease and care! She was somehow everywhere at all times throughout the day making sure every small detail played out according to my vision! To be able to have the faith and confidence that your wedding planner knows your vision and will deliver and then surpasses your expectations is the best feeling ever on your wedding day!! She truly helped our wedding be the best day of our life!

Ginny & Ben

November 4, 2017

We hired Caitlin for our 'day of' wedding coordination. Simply put, she was excellent - capable, confident, and calming! A perfect 'insurance plan' to ensure that we enjoyed the wedding. We had a pretty challenging wedding to execute with a lot of vendors and moving pieces - it had been stressing us out for quite some time, but when the day before the wedding came and we handed everything off to Caitlin, we felt at ease. She understood everything that had to be done and had a confidence about her that put us at ease. It's not easy to hand your 'baby' off to someone else, and after all the sweat and tears that went into planning our wedding, we would have been nervous to trust just about anyone else with it. Caitlin gave us all the reason in the world to trust her, and we're glad she did - she did a fantastic job. Hire her with confidence! We'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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